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Down by the Sea Decorative transfer by Redesign with Prima

Down by the Sea Decorative transfer by Redesign with Prima

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size measures 22" x 30"

DIY simplified! These easy to use transfers can be applied in 3 easy steps to a variety of surfaces including walls, furniture, wood, mirrors, glass, and metal! To begin, make sure your surface is clean and free of any debris. Position the transfer where you would like to apply it (most designs offer the flexibility of cutting into smaller pieces and working in sections or using the design over a variety of pieces!), remove the protective sheet and gently place it on the surface. Use painters tape that won't harm your surface to keep it in place. Use the provided transfer tool to burnish the design onto your surface. Gently remove the acetate sheet to reveal the transferred design. For distressed/antique looks, you can lightly sand the design. To extend the life of your transfer, apply a clear coat sealant (not recommended on glass because of the transparent nature.

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