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Brilliant Blooms H20 transfer by Redesign with Prima

Brilliant Blooms H20 transfer by Redesign with Prima

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Measure 8.5” x 11” and comes with two sheets.

Let’s make a splash! Introducing NEW H2O Transfers, which feature easy to use, water-activated designs that can be used on almost any surface! Try these beauties on wood, canvas, clay, glass, porcelain, paper, concrete, plastic, and so many more surfaces. Economically friendly, FAST results, no hand fatigue, built-in design guide…these are just a few of the many reasons why you NEED new “Redesign Petite” H2O Transfers!

-These are not made with paint.
-They are slightly similar to water-slides and skin tattoos in how they are applied.
-Make sure paint is cured before applying to avoid reactivating the paint.
-There is no rubbing, so paper is not marred or dented. -Simply peel off film, set design on paper, add a touch of water to the printed grey design on the paper backing, press down, wait 10-15 seconds, then peel the backing paper away!
-Our designs are high-quality, and laser-cut to remove the background residue on the unprinted areas. So you won't see a big "sticker" effect.
-These do not need to be sealed when used on paper or mixed media, but you can seal them if you wish.
-You may wish to seal the H2O Transfer when placed on heavily used areas and furniture. Simply add a thick layer of water-based, furniture safe wax, or a thin coat of water-based poly over the transfer.

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